Closing Party 2016

Haii Para Pejuang kesehatan !

kita hadir lagi nih LUSTRUM 3 ?

sudah siap buat seru-seruan bareng kita?

Lets sing out loud on Closing Party Lustrum 3 ?

mark the date now!
?Sunday, 27 november 2016
?17.00 – 20.00 wib
? HTM : 40 k

?Gues Star :

and special perform from :
?Consanance Band
?Theater Tebar
?PSDC ( Poltekkes Surabaya Dance Crew)
?Gita Husada Choir

and many moooooree!

come to our ticket booth :
in House Of BEM
and HIMA 15 Prodi

Lets come and having fun with us !

*For more information
?081259506095 (miya)
Line: mahajma
* open stand info:
?081546418733 (Putri)
Line : amirul_ananda


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